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Nanotechnology wristband
with Velcro

Perikarpio Firtech 3

REF:91325 2 PCS
REF:90326 1 PC

The FIRTECH nanotechnology wristband provides relief from the nerve wrap around the carpal tunnel and provides confidence in wrist movements. The inner lining with fabric consisted of ceramic materials and minerals, reflects and transfers our bioenergy back to our body, relieving pain and weight on the wrist.


Nanotechnology wristband with velcro. The FIRTECH wristband provides relief from the discomfort around the carpal tunnel and gives movement confidence. The FIRTECH custom fabric deeply warms the application area creating beneficial hyperemia and therefore proper oxygenation. Suitable for diseases of the carpal tunnel area, tendons and joints.

  • Immediate relief
  • It allows all movements even when worn all day
  • Large Velcro to fit each wrist and remain firm
  • Available in single and double packaging
  • At a preferntial price
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