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Waist, Hip, Back Belt



Orhopedic Belt Firtech

An amazing aid with fabric enriched with ceramic materials and minerals for area of the waist, hip, but also rib and back area. The warmth we feel relieves the pain of every form (musculoskeletal, joints, etc.).

All FIRTECH orthopedic aids are lightweight, easy to apply and do not stand out from the clothes!

We can easily and comfortably carry on with our daily activities. Wear your belt at work, at home, on a walk, in the gym and get rid of the pain in the most natural way!



The FIRTECH custom fabric captures the natural heat our body emits and returns it deep into the application area creating beneficial hyperemia and therefore proper oxygenation. Suitable for disorders of the waist, hip, back and sides as well as joints, while at the same time it provides supportive comfort to the user.

Waist belt

The product contains materials developed with the know-how
of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


All FIRTECH orthopedics are notified to the National Organization for Medicines of Greece, made in Europe and bearing CE.

There is no limit to the hours of application. Wear your orthopedic aid as many hours a day as you like depending on the intensity of the pain.

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