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Waist zone hip, back with 12 magnets


An amazing aid with nanotechnology fabric for the waist, hips, but also sides and back. The warmth that we feel softens the pain of any form (musculoskeletal, joints, etc).

All orthopedic aids of FIRTECH are lightweight, easy to apply and do not look through the clothes!


We can easily and comfortably carry on any day-to-day activity. Wear the belt at work, at home, on a walk, in the gym and get rid of the pain in the most natural way!

Waist belt

The product contains materials developed with the know-how
of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


All orthopedics FIRTECH are notified to the EOF. , manufactured in Europe and bearing CE

Wear your orthopedic aid as many hours per day you need it depending on pain intensity.

See the opinions of those who tried it:

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